Photographed by lead photographers Amy & Tony Hoffer

We’ve entered our Maryland phase for the year. We’ve memorized all the good places to get food on the way to Baltimore and all the 24 hour Starbucks’ to hit on the way home late at night. At this wedding in particular, we discovered the joy of an early wedding followed by a drink and some unnecessary (but also very necessary) Taco Bell.

Meaghan and Doug met us on a cold day last winter and we toured around an unheated cider mill. It was awesome. So when the weather was perfect all week of the wedding, we all got excited. Then on Saturday it turned cold, rainy and windy. Somehow, right as the wedding was about to start, the sun came out, warmed us all up and allowed for a great ceremony inside a gorgeous old barn. The wind, however, remained… As you’ll see in a photo below where the guests had to literally hold their hats. Enjoy!