Alyssa & Pascual

The only problem with Alyssa and Pascual’s engagement session is that it set the bar so freaking high for the rest of the year. How many shoots start with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon and end at the 76ers training facility?!  I was seriously spoiled by these two.  Their chemistry is contagious, the weather was great, and the locations were awesome.  A big thanks to our buddy Kevin for coming along and busting out the drone when he wasn’t holding up my softbox (some of his drone photos are in here). In all seriousness, Pascual, you can just email me the lifelong pass to the training facility. I promise not to abuse it for photography purposes in the future.

Notes: This session was shot by Chris Fuertes of Hoffer Photography. It took place in Old City Philadelphia and at the Philadelphia 76ers practice facility.

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