We didn’t know that Chris would become an amazing photographer when Amy & Tony shot his wedding a few years back, but we should have. From his hunger to learn, his good taste and his being the friendliest person in any room, it was easy to see why Chris would be so instinctually good at photography. There are few who work as hard to push creative boundaries as Chris does. What makes photography so wonderful is that you get to preserve a moment for decades. It’s fascinating to think that Chris is doing that for us now. We’re so happy and lucky to have Chris on our squad. You’ll love him. Plus, he’s also an honest-to-goodness, life-saving doctor. We only abuse his medical knowledge occasionally. He’s originally from Austin, TX but his wife (Jana) and two young kids have him trapped outside of Philly… and he ain’t going nowhere.

In Chris’s Words.

People often ask why I shoot weddings. The answer is fairly simple for me: All the time I’ve spent growing and the times I’ve challenged myself as a photographer get poured into a single day. That day is filled with incredibly happy, nicely dressed and emotional people experiencing beautiful moments. We get to preserve those. It’s part of the benefit of digital photography. Knowing that someone’s great grandkids will get to see the photos I take and feel the emotions for generations is awesome. I was blessed to have Tony and Amy set that example for me at my wedding, and now I have the incredible opportunity to work for them. In my spare time I love to hang out with my wife and two hilarious kids. When I’m not doing any of those things, I do a little doctoring on the side.

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Chris | Behind the Scenes

So apparently I love dancing and laying on the ground (I checked there’s not a photo of me that combines the two). Also I apparently love wearing blue. You can see here why my wedding outfits don’t make it past a season or so. I usually end the day with random peppering of dirt and sweat all over me – and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love busting my butt to get the best, most creative shots I can. I also love bobbing around and dancing with intoxicated wedding guests. Who says you can’t party a little while you’re at work?

Five Photos Chris loves.

Being asked to take photos for someone is an honor. Being asked by your boss to fly halfway across the country to an amazing location… well there’s a little bit of pressure. Jim and I had the awesome opportunity last year to take some photos of Tony and Amy for their 10th anniversary. In the weeks leading up I was coming up with ideas for some creative shots that they would appreciate. I knew I wanted to do some kind of reflection in a camera. I drew up several ideas in the weeks leading up to our trip. This shot took some planning in that I had to practice being able to get a clean reflection, because I wanted to pull it off all in camera.

I love this photo because it’s a perfect embodiment of one of my favorite things at a wedding: fun. During the reception there’s usually plenty of time to go around and get some dancing shots, but when you see people letting loose it makes the job that much more enjoyable. Impromptu tie guitar solos are pretty rare, so I was glad I was in the right place at the right time for this one.

I could probably do an entire post on Alyssa and Preston’s wedding and engagement session. They were ideal clients: they had trust, smiles, and a desire to get creative. They also loved posed shots. We didn’t have much time inside their venue for portraits, but I was able to set this one up and pose them in a way that fitted with their personalities and a specific request for some posed portraits.

One thing I’ve been trying to do more of this year is incorporate details with genuine moments and emotion. Stock product photos of details are always good to grab, but I want to deliver more. What I love about this shot is that it was cold outside (hence the goosebumps) so I asked Andrew to warm his bride up. I like that this is not only a sincere moment but also shows off some of the details of Susan’s dress.

This photo is a pretty standard moment… it’s a first look photo. To me it’s more. This is pure, raw emotion – and one of the most beautiful parts of a wedding day. It’s a soon to be husband in tears at the sight of his bride. I love how she holds him, by grabbing his head. It’s something I’d never think to direct or pose. It’s just a matter of capturing two people reacting genuinely to a beautiful moment. It’s why I love shooting weddings.