Kathryn & Griffin

On Saturday we geared up and traveled to Tarrytown, NY… a spot which has become fairly familiar over the last few years. A few miles above NYC, it overlooks the river and seems to have and endless selections of old mansions, estates, manors or whatever other term means that you can get married where a rich person used to live.

Nearly 13 years go (which is insane!) we shot a wedding for Kathryn’s cousin and she’s been following our work ever since. Wild! So we were more than honored to be back in the family once again. But a good back story alone doesn’t make people fun to shoot for. What does is having a couple that does nothing but laugh and smile all day. A couple that goofs off during the first look, immediately jumps on a swing, takes a break to read a book and plays a 10-minute long Taylor Swift song at their reception because it’s THEIR reception. Driving over the George Washington will always be the most stressful part of a trip to Tarrytown, but that went away quickly once Kathryn and Griffin got in front of our lenses. Enjoy!

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