Lauren & Kyle

If you’ve been following our work for any length of time, you know that there’s nothing that gets us more excited than people that go with the flow. Well, strap in… cause we’re excited.

The story of this wedding dates back over a decade to when Lauren’s mom, Cathy, came to a workshop we taught in Vegas. Well over the years we stayed in touch, she came to a Hoffshop in Atlanta and about 5 years ago we finally got to meet Lauren (on one of our many trips to California). Fast forward a few years and Kyle is in the picture. But wait, there’s more…

Last year, Jim and Lindsay kept it in the family and traveled out to Sonoma to shoot John and Bri’s wedding. Well, now it was our turn!

Nestldown might have been one of the most gorgeous venues we’ve ever had the pleasure of shooting at! It’s nestled (no pun intended) in the redwoods with gorgeous scenery at every turn. Welp, as luck would have it, we found ourselves a chilly and rainy day. 

(This is the part where we gush about the couple)

Lauren and Kyle didn’t waiver. They wanted to get married under the redwoods in the outdoor chapel and they stuck with it. The rain, the mud on the dress, the goosebumps… all worth it. We just adore people that favor experiences over perfection. Well, this wedding was an experience!

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