Brianna & John

It’s always fun to be a part of a wedding with people you know. We’ve known the mother of the groom, Cathy for a number of years through workshops and conferences. She’s one of the warmest, thoughtful, fun-loving people I know. We always say good people make good photographers and she’s one of the best photographers in northern California. So it was an incredible honor when her son, John, and his fiancé, Bri, asked us to travel out to photograph their wedding. Friday started out with a tea ceremony with some fun games to introduce the groom to the bride, as well as pay respects and gratitude to their families. Then Saturday’s ceremony and reception took place at one of the most picturesque, beautiful venues we’ve ever seen. We could have photographed there for days and not gotten bored. A heartfelt ceremony was followed by a cocktail hour with lion dancers and a fun-filled party. Bri and John have some of the best friends and family and it was such a thrill to photograph the day with them!

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