Danielle & Brian at Board of Trade | New Orleans

Happy Thanksgiving to all you blog-stalkers out there! Between the holiday and our big Black Friday Weekend announcement the other day, our New Orleans wedding from last weekend with Danielle and Brian is just going up now. But fear not you lovely wedding-watchers… we’ve made up for it with a hoard of photos…

If you’ve ever been to New Orleans, you were probably immediately taken with it, much like Danielle and Brian were. You also probably realized pretty quickly how iconic the St. Louis cathedral in Jackson Square is… not to mention the classic Hotel Monteleone. Well if you’ve been there, you know. This wedding was totally NoLa… except for the thousands of Eagles fans that joined us all for the big weekend. These folks came down to have a good time. A really good time.

Here’s a few favorites from New Orleans…

Notes: This New Orleans wedding was photographed by Amy and Tony Hoffer at Board of Trade in New Orleans, LA. The ceremony took place at the St Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square in New Orleans. The portraits were taken around the French Quarter in New Orleans and at One Eyed Jacks. This fall wedding was classic New Orleans and included a second line at the end of the night. The planning and decor was done by Unique Weddings & Events New Orleans.

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