When I first spoke with Kalie and Dan they told me that the night they met they had an immediate comfort level with each other, that they were able to be goofy and weird right away. That pretty much sums up the day we had on Friday. Well, if you exchange weird for fun and goofy for chill…and add a pinch of awesome.

I knew we’d have a great time shooting because even before we first met we were already communicating via The Office gifs. It was like a match made in wedding photography heaven. Plus, these two were down for anything. Lay down on a cobblestone street? Sure. Dance on this concrete platform? Why not.

I often tell couples that an engagement session, in an ideal world for me, is pretty much hanging out for a few hours, just laughing and getting to know each other. Friday pretty much exemplified that, Kalie and Dan were a blast to be around. Look at how much fun these two are. Can’t wait for their wedding in 2020. Thanks to my bud Kevin for coming out and assisting!


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