Erika & Steve

I don’t think we’ve ever told a story quite like this on our blog. So here goes. Amy and Erika went to college together a while back. They were friends but didn’t keep in touch too much. Then, 6 years ago, I remember Amy being shocked as she told me about Erika for the first time. We all know the story of the Boston Marathon Bombing… and Erika was one of the survivors. She may have lost a leg in that attack, but certainly didn’t lose her joy.

Over the last few years (even before I ever met her), Amy and I had still a bit of a connection. After the bombing, Erika wrote a children’s book that we’ve bought for quite a few people. Check it out! Fast forward a few more years and here we are… celebrating an upcoming wedding for these two wonderful people.

We met them last night in Maryland and got to wander around a friend’s garden to shoot this session. These guys are awesome and Steven had us cracking up all night. We had a wonderful time and some great light. Check it out!

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