Amy & Tony’s 10th Anniversary

We’re lucky. If you read those first two words, you can probably just stop reading now.

We’ve been married for 10 years. The question we always get asked is ‘Who shot your wedding?’. The response that follows is always some sort of awkward combination of us trying to justify why we hired some random guy that didn’t really get it… mostly because we didn’t really get it back then. So we made up for that for our 5 year anniversary. We met our friend Ari in Chicago, who shot some amazing stuff for us.

Well as 10 years rolled around (has it really been 10 years???) we started to think and we wanted to do something great. Luckily for us, the ‘who will shoot it’ question was never even a little bit of an issue. We’ve got such incredible talent here on our Hoffsquad, it was just a matter of getting everybody to Arizona with us (unfortunately Farid couldn’t make the trip).

So the gang packed up and headed on an adventure around the beautiful (and incredibly hot) Page, AZ. What follows are some amazing portraits captured by Jim and Chris from our time there. There’s also a few shots sprinkled in from Amy, Tony, Lindsay and Brea. All of Amy’s awesome hair and makeup work was done by Ashley from Philly Hair & Makeup Co.

We won’t get too personal here other than to say we’re blown away that we have these people in our lives, that we got to take this trip and that we have each other (and our awesome little furry buddy). Thanks for looking!

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