Photographed by lead photographers Amy & Tony Hoffer

Anyone that knows us well knows that there’s a few weeks in the year when we’re completely unavailable. Days where we’re waking up at 8am and working straight through till 2am… then doing it all over again the next day. That’s the HoffShop, the workshop we’ve been running for the past 3 years, meant for professional photographers.

When we started offering workshops, we did it because people asked us to. It was pretty similar to every other workshop out there because we didn’t really know any better. We quickly realized that (much like photography) we didn’t want to put 90% of ourselves into a workshop. Over the years, we’ve worked to try to create something unique and completely personalized to each student that comes. What we’ve discovered is that over the years the workshops have actually become much less about us… and are now much more effective. We try to do something that no one else is doing: Create a 1-on-1 learning environment within the parameters of group accountability. We’re hard on people. We’re hard on ourselves. It’s a hard couple of days.

The last two weeks have been both powerful and challenging. We left them exhausted but fulfilled. We were thankful to have 24 amazingly humble students over that time. They left sweaty, bleeding, sick, muddy and crying… and we feel pretty confident that they’re all better for it.

Here’a a few photos from the last two weeks, taken from all the 5 members of our team. At the bottom of this post we’ll share some thoughts from the students who came. Feel free to scroll down and check them out…

Here’s a few words we’ve received about the Hoffshop. If you’re interested in attending a future HoffShop (we have no idea when/where it will be next), you can sign up for our email list to find out when we announce it…

“Honestly, I got exactly what I needed. A swift kick in the creative butt. ;) It was perfect. You guys gave us so much. Micdrop every night. I know how tired you all must have been, but you worked tirelessly every night to keep pushing the learning. I would honestly charge more next round, the level you went to each and every one of of us was so much more then I expected.”

“It felt like home, it felt like family, and I wanted to work hard for you guys as much as for myself. You put so much into it, it was apparent in every single part of the three days. I will never be able to thank you enough. I had heard from other people that the Hoffshop feels like it’s just for you, but it still exceeded my expectations in that respect. I felt free to ask any and every question that popped into my head (and did). Through the critique, and my own personal goals, I left with a game plan to get me to where I wanted to be with my work, and I’m leaving more inspired and ready to tackle this year’s work than I imagined possible.”

“I came into the Hoffshop comfortable and content, but bored and uninspired. I left Hoffshop with a full heart, 15 new friends, and fired up to make dramatic changes in my business and the way that I shoot. And what’s great is that now I’ve got confidence that I can make it happen. I’m so inspired, refreshed and excited. It was amazing to see everyone succeed and clearly push themselves to new heights in just 3 days. I just want to say thank you for genuinely caring about each of us and the betterment of all aspects of our photography businesses.”

“I don’t know when it happened but my love for photography got put away for awhile. This workshop made me love it again. It made me excited. I always take classes online about technique. But it didn’t matter because I was not excited. This workshop made me excited again. I can’t wait to start giving my couples the real me. They deserve it. And this workshop is the reason I can start working towards that. I can’t thank you all enough for giving me that gift.”

“I really can’t say enough about your entire team from Amy to Tony to Jim and Farid. It is so obvious that you four have this intense passion for what you do and it came through in your teaching. It was absolutely personalized. I really was shocked at how much it was. You are all so humble in your work, it is unlike any other workshop where you go and listen to a famous photographer (who knows of their fame) talk about themselves. It was an odd experience to find a workshop that was focused on “us” as a group instead of the instructors. You genuinely all care about the process, the artistry and the moment. You aren’t afraid to push yourselves mentally and physically to create a moment that will last forever. It is because of that drive I know I’ll work harder.”