covid wedding

Chris & Cy

At the first meeting with Chris and Cy last year, I fell in love with them. They seemed to have a really special relationship built on kindness, thoughtfulness, having fun, and pushing each other to grow into their best selves. They also shared a lot of gratitude for all the people in their lives who […]

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Amy & Tim

For the sake of sanity, we’ll spare you our thoughts on 2020 and get right to this wedding… our last one of a crazy year. Amy and Tim were supposed to be in Barbados with us right now. Like everybody else we shot this year, things changed. We think that this wedding was plan #4

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Trish & Dave

2020 has been the year of constant change. Having a schedule more than a week out seems basically pointless… but I think this wedding takes the cake (no pun intended) for spontaneity. We woke up on Saturday with a few Halloween plans and then got a call from Christine (a sister of a former groom).

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Megan & Neil

The moment Megan walked down the aisle, Neil and Meg completely radiated with excitement to get married. فريق سان جيرمان It had been a long time coming. تحميل لعبة الطاولة 31 You can tell how comfortable and grounded Neil and Meg make each other. Two of their close friends officiated the beautiful, intimate backyard ceremony,

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Marissa & Wil

A small wedding on a boat brings back all the feels. We ourselves got married in similar style. Although the COVID crisis has brought havoc across the wedding world, one of the silver linings is getting to witness the beautiful and intimate ceremonies that our couples are having instead. Marissa and Wil are a breath

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