Chris & Cy

At the first meeting with Chris and Cy last year, I fell in love with them. They seemed to have a really special relationship built on kindness, thoughtfulness, having fun, and pushing each other to grow into their best selves. They also shared a lot of gratitude for all the people in their lives who nurtured them to be the people they are. I was very excited to see, and capture, all those people coming together to celebrate with Chris and Cy.

After a year of anticipation, I had allergy-like symptoms the preceding days before the wedding. In an effort to keep everyone safe, I decided to get a COVID test, *just in case*. Well, I think you can see where this is going. I tested positive for COVID. I was not able to capture Chris, Cy, and their loved ones. 

How could this be? I’ve spent the last year and a half being a virtual hermit, ultra careful to protect my clients and myself/my business. I’m healthy, fully vaccinated, and don’t leave the house without a kn95 mask on my face. But I still got COVID – likely at another wedding. Thankfully by now I feel fully recovered (thanks vaccines!).

This is the first and only wedding I’ve ever had to find a replacement for. It broke my heart, but luckily we are well-established in the industry, and have a large network of friends. Thankfully Jonathan Pretz was available, and his laid-back personality seemed like a good fit for Chris and Cy. He really saved the day, and we’re truly excited to share his photos below. We all can’t say enough about Jon’s willingness to step up for us on a busy weekend and to do an absolutely fantastic job. We have high standards and Jon really knocked it out of the park!

Secondly, I want to point out how our whole squad banded together to get the job done and make things seamless – everything from Chris offering his medical perspective, Lindsay rushing home from vacation to help set up the photo booth, and Amy and Tony coordinating support and reaching out to all the necessary people (as well as driving their photo booth to the city on a crazy weekend). It’s something that would have been a lot more difficult without a whole team of people by my side.

Lastly, Chris and Cy are incredible people. As I said, I learned this when we first met. Last week drove the point home. None of us ever want to do anything to risk missing a wedding. It’s our nightmare. So we were so nervous to make that call, but Chris and Cy couldn’t have been more kind, more understanding or more caring. In an increasingly crazy world, it’s our honor to call people like this our clients and to share their love with the world.

 – Jim

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