take amazing photos with your phone

It’s our first ever mobile photography workshop! Over 2 hours, we’ll cover everything from lighting to composition to editing. You’ll learn how we shoot with our phones and how to fix the common mistakes that you make when taking pictures. We’ll also share tips that show you how to get creative, interesting photos to share with the world. Plus, you’ll get our 6-pack of mobile presets to make editing a breeze!. All of this for just $25!

This workshop is for EVERYONE! Whether you’re a chef, a florist or somebody that wants to have a bomb Instagram account, we’ve made this workshop for you! Have questions? Check out our FAQ for answers.


Part 1: mastering your camera phone

In part 1 we dive into all the tips and tricks that go into making great photos, no matter the camera. We’ll show you all our favorite settings for shooting with our phones. This will include how we deal with bad lighting and things you can do to improve your lighting in any situation. We’ll also show you how to make your photos look more interesting and engaging. You’ll see it all in real-time and watch us work while seeing exactly what’s on our phones while we do.

Part 2: editing on your phone

The second half shows you everything that goes on behind the scenes. We dive into our favorite editing tool (yes, it’s free and is the same thing that we use in our professional lives). We show you the main functions you need to know that while make your photos shine in just seconds. But wait, there’s more! We’ll also show you our fancy presets that allow you to get a great look with just 1 click. Take your photos to another level with some great editing tools.

BONUS! THE Hoffer Mobile Preset pack

We’ve packaged up our 6 most favorite mobile presets. Aside from learning how we shoot and edit on our phones, we are including this preset pack with every sign up. We’ll show you how to install, use and tweak these presets so your photos can get the treatment they deserve in seconds!

JUST $25!


Sign up below to get the Workshop and the Hoffer Mobile Presets. It’s just $25! Your purchase will help support our small business during the COVID-19 crisis. We’ll also donate 10% of all proceeds to non-profits that we already support, who need it now more than ever.

Please sign up and proceed to the payment page. Once your payment is complete, you’ll see all the info you need to get going. If another student told you about us, add their name below. They’ll get a gift for sending you our way. We’ll reach out after you pay to get you all the great content.

Hoffshop phone Photography FAQ

Wondering if the Hoffshop is for you? Here’s a few common questions we’re getting…

Once you register/pay, we’ll send you a link and a password for all the workshop materials. There you can access your presets, watch the workshop and leave us feedback! We also have a private Facebook group that you’re welcome to join to participate in conversation about the workshop.

Yes! 99% of the workshop will be concepts that are useful with any phone! While we may not know the specific features of every phone out there, we’re talking photography, not phones. Our primary editing app is also available on all different phones.

This is exactly for you! We’ll be teaching photography techniques that are universal and accessible for everybody. A lot of the concepts and tricks we’ll be showing are actually things we teach at our professional workshops, but aren’t dependant on having photography knowledge.

The workshop is around 2 hours. If you can’t watch straight through, that’s fine! You’ll be able to watch it back any time or rewind to things you want to see again. We spend about 1:15 minutes on shooting and about 45 minutes on editing.

Nope! All of the workshop materials are sent to each student using our own portal. The only benefit of a Facebook account is to join our private group if you want to ask questions or share photos.


We are Hoffer Photography, a small collective of photographers based in Philadelphia. 

We each book and shoot our own weddings, so feel free to check out work from any or all of us.