Madelena & AJ

Man, what a stretch of weddings we are on. After all these years, it’s still mind-boggling to us how different every wedding experience is and how much joy we can take from seeing how different people take on a wedding. In the last week alone we’ve gotten to experience 3 amazing weddings that couldn’t be more different from each other. From a garden party to an intimate family ceremony to Maddie & AJ’s wedding this past Saturday.

From the time we first met them, it was clear that Maddie and AJ wanted to do things their own way. YES! So whether it was not having a bridal party, making an epic family photo, reading their own vows after the ceremony, changing into reception outfits together… or many more things… one thing was abundantly evident: This wedding was a genuine reflection of Maddie and AJ. It was goofy and funny, impeccably beautiful and a PARTY. We are so lucky to get to do what we do! Enjoy…

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