Novella & James

The biggest drama about Novella and James’ wedding on Sunday was deciding between two words: Sweet or Lovely. Any way you slice it, their wedding was perfect AND perfectly them. At this point, we’re used to seeing genuine moments and falling in love with the people we shoot for. In this case, we think about 100 guests and every person working felt the same way. Novella and James were just so sweet!… or is it lovely??

Their day was expertly planned (thanks Sarah) and gave them space to relax, enjoy and soak in the moments of their day. Toward the end Novella told us that she wished she could just live that day over and over. They had a garden full of friends, a table full of books, and a group of people from around the country that were the loveliest (and sweetest) you could ever meet. It was a true joy…

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