Lauren & Reed

When I put this blog together, I used some placeholder text before I published it. That text read “Lauren and Reed are cool.” In retrospect, I probably could have just left that. From the second we met them over Zoom, we connected with these two right away. We grabbed drinks a few months back and confirmed that they are, in fact, very cool. But as anybody in the wedding industry knows, the real test of a person’s coolness is how they handle themselves on their wedding day. I’m happy to report that Lauren and Reed are still very cool.

We’ve been waiting to shoot at this gorgeous spot inside Valley Forge park for a while. Jim has been to Philander Knox, but it was the first time for Amy and I. We got a warm and sticky day, but there’s so much shade and foliage at the park, that finding great spots to shoot is a piece of cake. These too had such a sweet first look. We always tell couples to take their time and soak it in. Their first look lasted nearly 10 minutes as they just enjoyed each other. It’s hard to find two people more excited about each other than these two are. Check it out!

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