Olivia & Brian

If you like seeing people get married, you might want to set an alarm to come back… often. This is the first of four weddings last weekend and 6 in 8 days. It’s wedding season! On Friday night we met Olivia, Brian and their friends for some yummy food and shenanigans. Then on Saturday it was game on. 

Olivia told us early on that we had shot for an acquaintance of hers a LOOOONG time ago. We were so thrilled to finally get them in front of our lenses. They couldn’t have been sweeter or more fun. It rained most of the day Saturday and these two never skipped a beat. Everything just sort of fell into place, right down to their Lego character guestbook where the hands just happened to PERFECTLY hold two wedding rings. We meet a lot of people and both Olivia, Brian, and their guests may have been one of the kindest groups we’ve ever shot. We would shoot for these two every day and twice in May… which we did. Here’s a few favorites.

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