Grace & Hollis

As we start to get into a new season of weddings, we’re going to need to rethink the word ‘photogenic’. After all, people like Grace and Hollis often tell us that they’re not photogenic… then they immediately follow it up by being incredibly photogenic. So we’re starting a new mission to reset our definitions of what ‘photogenic’ means. I’d say that we can consider ourselves experts. So here goes… Photogenic (adjective) – Being happy, friendly and trusting so that a photographer can easily create images of them being their beautiful selves.

Boom. Old word, new definition. All that to say, Grace and Hollis were wrong. They’re extremely photogenic. We had the best time goofing around with them about silly things, serious things and inappropriate things. They had such a fun day. From the second they saw each other they didn’t stop smiling. It makes sense why they’re so photogenic :) Here’s some favorites…

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