Alexa & Brandon

Some weddings are harder to write about than others. For example, when you shoot through a hurricane, it’s easy to find things to say about it. Some weddings have a theme or something so unique that I can just write about that. Alexa & Brandon didn’t make it that easy on us. Sure, the weather was perfect. The leaves were perfect. The Fitler Club is perfect. They’re perfect.

Even saying all those things doesn’t really sum up what this weekend was like. When we shot for these two last year, we knew there wedding would be special. We shot the welcome party on Friday night (the first few photos) and started to get a glimpse of what that meant. The Fitler Club is absolutely insane. It’s like the way we want our dream house to look plus about 100,000 square feet.

When we showed back up on Saturday and got a glimpse of the ceremony set up, it became pretty clear that we were on our way to one of the most incredible celebrations we’ve ever seen. Everything from the flowers to the lighting was thought out (shout out Kim Rosen). Alexa and Brandon didn’t have a bridal party and instead chose to focus on spending time with each other, their close friends and their families. We can’t say enough about this wedding, so we’ll just say that we had a legit hangover the next day… and we didn’t drink. It was absolutely special. Here’s some photos…

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