Jenny & Josh

I’m not sure if I put my foot in my mouth or not. So help me out here. During the beginning of Jenny & Josh’s reception, I told them “If it was going to rain, I’m glad it rained on your wedding day.” What I meant was that I was glad it rained on THEIR wedding day. Ok, this still isn’t coming out right. Let’s try again…

While I always wish for perfect weather, some weddings are bound to have rain. If I had to pick a couple most equipped to handle it, I would probably pick Jenny and Josh.

Boom. Saved myself.

Well, if you live near the east coast, you know about the hurricane that came through last weekend. We talked to Jenny and Josh about their plans and they were good to just go for it. We couldn’t have been happier. We got Ziplocks for our gear, took extra clothes and waterproof shoes and met them at Rocks State Park. Welp, we spent the next hour or so without a drop of rain. Of course, when we got back to the farm for the ceremony, we weren’t so lucky. Regardless, we couldn’t have been more thrilled that we had these two to handle it. Jenny reached out to us long before she had her wedding planned. Photos are important to them, and we were thrilled that they were committed to not only having good photos, but to living in every moment so that they were authentic and real. Here’s some favorites…

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