Kerry & George

A few hours into Kerry & George’s wedding, I looked at Kerry’s mom and told her that we wait all year for weddings like this. I wasn’t kidding. We got to meet Kerry at a wedding around a year ago. When we first chatted, she told us that she wanted to do things a bit differently. Her and George wanted to be absolutely present for every moment. They didn’t want to take portraits or do a lot of wedding ’traditions’. This got us excited. Not cause we don’t love traditions… but we LOVE when people know what they want and just do it. We love originality.

But that’s only the first piece of it. There’s a lot of people that want to be present like that. There’s not many that actually pull it off. Kerry & George were so in the moment, that the entire day just felt effortless. So when Kerry wanted to get her dress on in the woods, she walked out barefoot and soaked it up. When they wanted just a few minutes of portraits, we took a little walk and let them do their thing… and their thing just happened to be that they’re incredibly fun and affectionate. Here’s some favorites…

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