Nicolette & Nik

This is kind of just your old, run-of-the-mill great wedding. You know, the ones with lots of laughter, tears and a raging party. Oh, we forgot one thing… The largest bridal party we’ve ever seen. We’re not going to lie. We were a little intimidated when we first met with Nicolette and Nik and found out that they had 35 (!!!!) people in their wedding party. But after getting to know them a bit, it was pretty clear why. 

I’m not sure that there has ever been a couple more excited to be married (and for the wedding) than these two. Sure, there have been couples AS excited, but probably not MORE excited. After experiencing the day with Nicolette and Nik, it was pretty clear why so many people were involved. They’re incredibly kind and super excited. They wanted to soak in every bit of every single thing that they could. So, the more the merrier! The day worked out wonderfully and these two (and everybody else) had the best time! So did we…

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