Emily & Kadir

When we first got hired for Emily & Kadir’s wedding, the word ‘Barbenheimer’ did not exist yet. As the summer approached it was pretty clear that by July we’d all be infatuated with Barbie. While Amy and I didn’t get the chance to go watch Barbie and Ken on screen this weekend, we pretty much got the real-life version this Saturday. If Emily & Kadir were any more perfect, we’d probably just retire.

But looking like perfection is barely scratches the surface of our favorite qualities about these two. Everybody we came across on Saturday was so kind, loving, excited and friendly. That goes double for Emily and Kadir. Their warmth towards each other, their families and even us was enough to make us want to put the cameras down and soak in the love. We can’t get over how welcoming and loving these two are to everybody. It was an absolute pleasure to get to document this day. Oh and we didn’t even mention the most important part: That they couldn’t have been more excited about EACH OTHER. There isn’t a single thing we’d change about this day. If anybody deserves the most beautiful July evening, it’s these two. They got it…

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