Emily & Jack

While describing our weekend (in particular, this proposal) somebody asked me if it’s nerve-wracking to try to hide and shoot something like this. I told them that the best way I could describe it was like trying to buy a concert ticket at the exact moment it goes on sale. There’s a lot of anticipation and nervousness for one very quick moment. In this case, Amy sat on a lawn and hid her camera in her lap while I sat on a dock trying to pretend I worked there.

As nervous as we are shooting these, none of that really compares to how Jack probably felt. He had planned a pretty meticulous weekend. Shortly after saying ‘Yes’, Emily started going through the amount of lies that everybody had been telling her just to get her where she needed to be. All went off without a hitch and these two couldn’t have been happier. It’s such a pleasure getting to shoot such genuine moments. Here’s a few favorites…

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