Elissa & Tarik

I think we all can agree that we have no concept of time anymore. March of 2020 feels like it could have been last week or 35 years ago. So by that measure, we either photographed Elissa & Tarik 2 weeks ago or 40 years ago.

The last time these two were seen on our blog was in October of 2019 believe it or not. Safe to say, that a lot has happened since then, including a 13 month wedding postponement. While most things changed, a few things didn’t: Elissa’s impeccable taste; Tarik’s kind and happy demeanor; well… pretty much everything amazing that we loved about these two. Even when a wedding emergency popped up (which we will not speak of), they just rolled with it and had a wonderful time. We are so lucky to have couples like this.

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