Elise & Michael

Following a wedding day, we sometimes get a lot of questions. Turns out people like weddings. Who knew?

Sunday was no different. People that see us ask about our weekend, we tell them we had a wedding, and the questions start. Often times we have interesting or funny stories. Sometimes there are difficulties to overcome. Sometimes the weather stinks. Who knows. But THIS Sunday we really only had 3 words for anybody that asked about the previous night’s wedding… “It was perfect.”

Seriously, everything went great. The people couldn’t have been sweeter, the weather was wonderful (save for a few minutes of rain) and the timing went off without a hitch. After the first hour of shooting I told Elise that her family had already set the record for the number of times a family has told each other that they love each other. Michael confirmed that this was not uncommon. A good storyteller would now tell you about all the adversity that followed. Except that there wasn’t any. This day really was pretty much perfect.

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