Shannon & Aakash

500. Wow. Five hundred. It’s really hard to imagine. Over the years we’ve tried our best to show the amount of gratitude that we owe to those of you that read this blog, those that share our work, and those that ultimately hire us. We try to never forget that whenever we look at our lives, we owe nearly everything we have to our clients. It’s truly hard to imagine that we’ve shot 500 weddings.

As we look back, I think what we’re most proud of is that out of those 1000 people (and many others who take part) Amy & I have actually gotten to know many of you intimately. We’ve become friends with our couples. We’ve taken vacations with our couples. We’ve shot some couples over and over again. We’ve traveled the world (literally) to shoot those 500 weddings. It’s hard to wrap our head around. So in an attempt to avoid going on and on about ourselves, I’ll just say that we feel incredibly blessed to have the career that we do. And as cliche as it sounds, we’re super proud of the people and relationships we’ve built in the process. Nearly every weekend we show up at a wedding and know several people there. In many ways, this job has become our life over the past 15-ish years. Thank you to every single person that has played a role in this for us. Here’s to 500 weddings! 


On to the reason you’re here. Shannon and Aakash are pretty much a dream come true. We got to document two days of their Indian-American family merger… and it was as epic and gorgeous as we could have hope. On day one, they had their Sangeet in Doylestown, PA and got to share the Indian side of their relationship. Here’s some favorites…


After going to sleep with a smile on our faces, we got to wake up and do it all over again. This time, Shannon and Aakash shared their American-style nuptials in New Hope at the River House at Odette’s. We somehow avoided the thunderstorms at just the right times and got to witness them partying the night away. We can’t say enough about how wonderful these two are to shoot for. They’re sincere, beautiful, confident and quirky. It was a joy.

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