Cassandra & Almir

Upon arriving at Lake Bomoseen this weekend, it took us about 2.3 seconds to relax. We got out of the car and were greeted with a warm hug from Cassandra while overlooking the gorgeous lake, smelling a fire burning and checking into our Lakeview room. Within another 20 minutes we had a drink in hand and were mingling with some of Almir and Cassandra’s family and friends. We had a lovely dinner right on sight, a great night sleep and woke up ready for a gorgeous day in Vermont.

If you can’t already tell, these two really know how to have a wedding. They said they stumbled upon Lake Bomoseen while wedding planning, but it’s hard to imagine a more ideal place to spend a weekend with loved ones. The food was fantastic, the views were breathtaking… and we haven’t even gotten to Cassandra & Almir yet. Spoiler Alert: They’re great too. 

It was an emotional and beautiful day. Their families couldn’t have been nicer. They gave us the time and trust to do our thing and we just felt so honored to get to do it for them… Here’s a few favorites…

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