Kierstin & Matthew

So here we go. A wedding. For real. It’s been 4.5 months since our last wedding. Over those months, we’ve seen a wide variety of cancellations, postponements and changes. But we always had a gut feeling that we may just be able to squeeze in a wedding in June. This wedding was in eastern Kentucky, where COVID cases have been incredibly few and far between. Even so, it didn’t happen without a lot of stress and precautions from Kierstin and Matthew… and from us.

When we talked a few weeks back it was so refreshing to hear them tell us about how they simply just wanted to be married and were going to do what it took to make it happen… while doing their best to accommodate everybody and follow local guidelines. We just loved the joy and infectious love between these two.

Here’s some of our favorite photos from the day. Please note that Amy and I did wear N95 masks all day (and man that sucks in crazy heat) and shot at a distance as much as we possibly could and especially when indoors. K&M provided masks at each venue, spaced out guests at the church and reception and made announcements for the same. While it seems silly to mention these things in a blog post, we know everybody is quite charged right now and we think it’s worth saying. There’s no playbook for this and a lot of disagreement on how/when to do these things. We all did our best with everything we could… including the photos. Check them out :)

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