Megan & Nick

So… this month has been crazy. Back when we started planning for this trip, we obviously never suspected that we would be second guessing it all the way up until we got on the plane. We didn’t know we’d be washing our hands like crazy the whole time or spending most of our time talking about a pandemic. As such, it feels a little weird to post photos of fun and travel at a time when everybody is just trying to figure out where their lives are at.

At the same time, we’re in an interesting spot personally. Most of the next few months of work are being postponed. As small business owners, that certainly makes us think, worry and wonder. Among the many things we’re thinking about is when and how we can get back to ‘normal’. As much as we want to share these photos, it’s hard to shake the feeling that maybe nobody wants to see this stuff now. When we think about the last few days in the Caymans, we realized that there were moments, even if it was just a few minutes at a time, when we were able to turn off our brains for a bit and just soak it in. So we’re posting these in hopes that it might do the same for you.

Back in December, Amy and I had a few days off and went to Puerto Rico. As we were sitting around we thought to ourselves “Wouldn’t it be cool to be working right now?” Yes. Seriously. We started daydreaming about what it would be like to combine our favorite things about our personal lives (travel, exploring) and our favorite things about our work lives (getting to know our couples, having lots of time to shoot).

So, we created Snowbird Sessions. At these sessions, we travel and live our lives together for a short time. On one day we shoot photos in a laid-back, fun way as we explore around. There’s no agenda, no times, just fun. We travelled with two couples. Here’s the first with Megan and Nick… basically the perfect couple to do this with.

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