Diana & Anthony

The last few days were quite a whirlwind. We arrived in Punta Cana and the party was basically in full swing already. When we went out on a boat the next day, things just picked up from there. There’s a lot of hilarious photos from that boat ride… many of which won’t be shown here. People have jobs and families after all.

Once the wedding day rolled around, the sun and breeze made for a perfect day on the beach. The reception layout was absolutely gorgeous, as you’ll see. We were so thrilled to document all of our new friends having the time of their lives. We get so excited to make these trips. They’re a lot of work (we spent exactly 1 hour relaxing… our very last hour there), but there’s nothing we’d rather do. Thanks to Diana and Tony for your wonderful hospitality and to the whole crew for making us feel like part of the gang. Enjoy!

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