Our Favorite Photos of the Decade

Ok, so let’s get a few things out of the way. Over the past decade, we’ve literally shots millions and millions of photos. If you think it’s hard to organize and edit them, imagine choosing your favorites from the past 10 years. Whew.

Also, notice anything new about us? We’ve got a brand-spanking-new website! Hot and fresh out the kitchen. We’d love for you to take a spin once you’re done reading. There’s lots to see and experience :)

Ok, on to the reason we’re here. Oh wait. First some apologies and thank yous.


1. As you can imagine, perfect file organization over 10 years is hard. Processes get changed, hard drives die. We’re fighting an uphill battle. So if we shot you’re one of the 350ish weddings we shot this decade and you don’t see a photo in here, remember that we still love you.
2. We chose images that were favorites to us. In many cases they were meaningful because of who or where we were shooting. Sometimes we just loved the shot. Sometimes it took a lot to make it happen. If we didn’t pick one you loved, we still love you.
3. There may be a few photos in here of people that (sadly) aren’t together anymore. We tried our best with that. Thanks for understanding!
4. There’s a lot of photos here. Stick with us. We tried our best.


It’s so incredibly hard to fathom how to get 10 years worth of thank yous in here. We would have to thank our families and friends for understanding that we’re gone every weekend and travel a ton. Of course we couldn’t miss thanking Lindsay for all she does for us and our associates Jim and Chris (and Chuck and Farid) for all their hard work. No doubt we’d thank the companies, sponsors and publications that have helped spread the word for us. Heck, we’d have to thank our dog-sitters for helping every time we call last minute because of a scheduling change. 10 years is a long time.

Most importantly we need to thank the people that read our posts, share our work and help us keep doing what we love. I say this every time I write one of these sappy posts, but it’s never been lost on us that the entire reason we have a roof over our heads is because of you. While we’ve surely worked hard to earn your eyeballs, we wouldn’t be anywhere without your kindness, love and encouragement. Thank you, faithful blog-stalkers and clients, for being everything to our little company.

It’s exciting and scary to think about the next 10 years. We hope that as you look through these images you’ll see the things that have always been the most important to us:
1. Honestly representing the people we shoot for and
2. Constantly changing, adapting and creating.

We hope you see the heart behind our work… because we definitely put it in there. Enjoy.













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