Melissa & Barry

This has been one of the more challenging blogs to write. Not because I don’t have much to say… exactly the opposite. Where do you even start with a day like last Saturday? The weather and the beautiful Lake House Inn is incredible. That pales in comparison to how much fun we had capturing the wedding of Melissa and Barry.

From the moment they arrived at the venue there was just so much joy. And hugs…. lots of hugs. Days like Saturday are why I love shooting weddings; it was one huge, happy party. Shooting Melissa and Barry was more like hanging out with two friends and just happening to have a camera and snapping some shots along the way. And then there was the reception…holy cow can these families party. If you haven’t been to a Big Ric Rising reception you are missing out. It was hours of unrelenting fun.

Melissa and Barry you guys are the best. I’m so happy I got to take your photos on Saturday, and thanks to Kevin for shooting with me. You guys, and your friends and family, made our job so easy. See below for proof.

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