Marissa & Wil

There was a shoot we had about 7 years ago. It was winter. It was cold. Really, really cold. On top of the cold, it was windy. Ridiculously windy. We still remember that shoot because it was traumatizing for two wimps like us. Luckily last week was nowhere near as cold. It was, however, just as windy. For a girl (we’re talking about Marissa now) wearing a thin dress and jumping around the ocean in 50 degree weather, it probably felt the same. To say that they took it like champs would be a massive understatement. While Amy and I shivered, these two bounced around like they didn’t have a care in the world.

It’s hard to describe the sense of joy we get from two people that are as joyful and fun-loving as these two are. We just love nights like this. Here’s a few favorites…


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