Val & Jen

We posted a photo of Val & Jen’s wedding on Facebook the other day with a small thought on why they were awesome. We’d like to take a minute (just sit right there) to expand on that. Nearly everybody spends an inordinate amount of time planning/thinking/predicting what their wedding day will look like. Val and Jen were no different. It’s always our goal to figure out a way to make the wedding look similar to that… but to elevate it a bit with the way we see it. On occasion, some people get a little too stuck in what they think it should look like and forget to just live in the moment. Val and Jen were not those people…

So when we had an idea for one of them to read the others card in the same room (even though they weren’t seeing each other), they said yes. When they saw an ice cream truck on a hot day, they said yes. When there was a scary ledge on a cliff that wasn’t easy to get to in heels, they said yes. We love when people allow for real life spontaneity to be a part of their day… and we loved shooting these two wonderful people.

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