Meredith & Erik

So there’s this great park about 10 minutes from our house. It’s called Marsh Creek and we love it. Much more importantly, though, our dogs love it. They freak out every time we go there. After Saturday, our dogs no longer hold the title for the most energetic creatures at Marsh Creek. These two met there for their first look then partied the day away at Meredith Manor (that’s a lot of Merediths).

We knew Saturday would be fun and totally wild after shooting Meredith and Erik’s engagement session. These two are electric together. There are always themselves, no matter where they are or who is around. The whole day was kind of like taking photos of a fireworks show. You don’t try to tell the fireworks what to do… you just admire them and consider yourself lucky to get to see it. That sums up our time with Meredith and Erik. It’s just SO MUCH FUN to be around these two. Please observe…

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