Ashley & Brian

Last Saturday, Lindsay and I had a blast with Ashley, Brian, and bunch of their friends and family. Not even the blistering heat could stop the fun and joyous expressions these guys had plastered on their faces all day. I always tell couples in the days and weeks leading up to their wedding to make sure to enjoy the day and let go of any stress, and that’s exactly what they did. They made it so easy capture some of the most expressive fun we’ve ever gotten to be apart of. Thanks so much for letting us be there and to get to preserve all the fun you guys had.

Ashley and Brian, I hope for the years and decades to come you guys can relive the multitude of joyful moments from your special Saturday; from the fun getting ready to the dance party that closed the night. Here’s to one heck of an entertaining day. Try to not let the photos distract you too much from that gorgeous Hawaiian scenery you’re probably viewing right now.

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