Amanda & Dustin

Saturday was magical in more ways than one. Of course there’s the beauty of seeing a gorgeous new venue for the first time. Then there’s the amazing BBQ, drink truck, cookie truck, etc… (A special thanks to Stephanie and Kelly for hooking us up with some yummy and timely food). We also witnessed a sudden thunderstorm, followed by a rainbow, followed by a lightning storm (see last photo). Beyond all that, though, it’s much harder to describe just how Amanda and Dustin made the day so great. It wasn’t just the excellent planning, but it was the laid back attitude. The mindset of not worrying about things like weather, a bridal party or anything other than what was important to them. In this case, just that everybody had a wonderful time. Mission accomplished.

Notes: This wedding was photographed by Amy and Tony Hoffer from Hoffer Photography. The bride and groom did a first look at the venue, 48 Fields in Leesburg, VA. The ceremony was in a beautiful room under the barn. Afterwards, the guests braved a thunderstorm, saw a rainbow and spent the evening in and around the property. انواع كرة القدم There was a drink truck, a cookie truck and some yummy BBQ on a hot June evening. The planning was done spectacularly by Stephanie Day.

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