Bonnie & Peter

It seems that for the last decade or so, one of the things that has defined our lives is summer road trips. They’re great for getting to see new parts of the country, listening to every podcast on earth and putting 25,000 miles/year on our car. More than that, we love our road trips because we get to shoot in all sort of places.

A few days ago, that put us in Niagara Falls. We met up with Bonnie and Peter and went hiking down into a gorge just downstream from the falls. It was incredible! Their little pup Odie popped his head into every photo he could. Totally adorable. Here’s a few of many!

Notes: This session was photographed by Amy and Tony Hoffer of Hoffer Photography. It took place at Niagara Glen in Niagara Falls, Ontario. The couple (and their dog) hiked down to the river and back in this outdoorsy, summer engagement session.

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