Darcy & Jeff

Sometimes good weather seems to follow people around. Darcy and Jeff treated us to a wonderful day last fall (and got themselves buried in leaves) and we hit the jackpot again this weekend.

But that doesn’t really begin to tell the story of Saturday. For a solid 2-3 hours, each person tried to climb higher and higher up the emotional mountain. First, there were Darcy’s heartfelt vows. Then Jeff brought the house down (and by ‘the house’, we mean ‘the tears’). A bit later, there were a series of speeches demonstrating just how wonderful these two people are. We left just hoping that we leave that kind of impression on people ourselves.

To us, that’s one thing that’s so special about a wedding. Not only are you surrounded by all the people you love, but others can really get a picture of what (and who) you value. Anyway, here’s some photos :)

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