Photographed by Amy & Tony Hoffer

Before we head out to a shoot, Amy and I (this is Tony) usually have a conversation to decide what kind of photographers we’re going to be that day. We realize that to most people that sounds like a ridiculous idea… but that’s our process. The answer often can get tweaked by logistics (like how much walking we’ll be doing, the time of day, weather… things like that) but most often is influenced by who we’re shooting for. That’s why we put so much effort into trying to establish relationships with the lovely people that we get to photograph.

Meredith and Erik were poster children for this. You see, before the shoot we had a feeling (based on the plan and knowing them a bit) that we were in for a pretty free-wheeling, fun night. We were right. On my Instagram I described it this way: On some days, our job is to start a fire. That means throwing in some kindling, then some small sticks, then bigger wood until we eventually figure people out. Other shoots are like setting off a firework. You light the match and run. That was Meredith and Erik. These two are electric… Which is exactly why we prepare the way we do. As you’re about to see, with some people it’s better to just wind up and watch them go.