Sayde & Matt in Squamish, BC

The last week was a whirlwind of goodness from western Canada. We first met Sayde & Matt almost 2 years ago at the Hoffshop. Since then, we’ve become friends, seen them get engaged and pinched ourselves when they asked us to come to Vancouver to shoot their wedding. This was actually the third time we’ve visited BC since the engagement and we’ve fallen in love with it. We have Sayde and Matt to thank for that, not to mention their awesome hospitality.

We’re splitting this trip up into 3 blog posts. The previous post was our Vancouver engagement session with Angela & Justin. Today we’re diving into the gorgeous wedding day for M&S. The wedding took place about an hour north of Vancouver in the moss-covered woods of Squamish. It was perfect. It’s not every day that we get to see a bear on a wedding day (no photos, sadly) or that we get to witness two friends getting married. When we left Amy and I said that after spending 14 straight hours with them on their wedding day, we couldn’t think of a single bad thing to say about either of them.

Lastly, one final note. Since we first met Sayde, she unexpectedly got diagnosed with alopecia universalis. Sayde is always beautiful, but we realized how internal that beauty really was with the strength and confidence she’s shown throughout. We were so grateful that she let us photograph her both bald and wigged. When we asked if we could, she replied “I’ve talked to loads of women who say they don’t even take their wigs off in front of their husbands because they don’t feel pretty. Their own husbands. Maybe someone who hides their alopecia will see it and feel some comfort. When I had alopecia I felt better seeing pictures of other average everyday baldy ladies.” Awesome.

So without further ado, please enjoy two of our new favorite people in our new favorite place. More to come tomorrow…

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