91 Photos that Defined 2023

After a tumultuous few years for those of us that go to large gatherings for a living, 2023 was the first year that started to feel like we were back. We finally started traveling for shoots again and found ourselves in different parts of the country and even on different continents taking photos. Making these end of year lists is always a challenge. Between Amy, Tony, Jim and Lindsay, we easily shot over 1 million photos this year alone. Culling that down to a few dozen seems impossible. So we cheated just a little bit. As we started pulling some images for potential portfolio updates we realized “Let’s just post those!” Basically, we’re geniuses. However, we should add that this is not a Best of 2023. After all, EVERY couple we have is obviously the best (see what I did there?). This is simply some favorites of ours that help define an amazing year… including images from our whole crew.

We’re SO excited to take on 2024. Last night the four of us met and discussed our goals, ways to be better and all the things (and people) we’re excited to experience this year. As you scroll through these photos, we hope that you have some understanding for how much we love what we do and how lucky we feel to know the beautiful people you see here. Thank you to everybody that trusts us to capture them. Thank you to those of you that check out our work, like it and share it. We’re just a small group in our little corner of the world. Every little thing you do for us gets noticed and we so appreciate any of you that choose to make us a small part of your life. Thank you for your support! Here’s to bigger and better things in 2024!

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