Amanda & Brian

Howdy, partners… Sorry, we still have a little country in us from our last wedding of 2023. But it’s a new year! So we’re going to go ahead and do our favorite thing: Show you some wedding photos! It’s impossible to imagine starting off a year with better people than Amanda and Brian. Among the many great things we could say about them, perhaps the biggest thing we left their wedding with was feeling valued. These two sure know how to give a compliment, and we were flattered that they felt that we were such a big part of their day.

We started with a few flurries, which quickly turned to rain. And if you couldn’t already tell from the photo above, that did absolutely nothing to damper their spirits. We spent most of our time in the gorgeous Hotel Dupont. Amanda and Brian love the vibe and architecture here, so we tried our best to highlight that. Well, and them too. Check it out!

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