Megan & Joe

What a wild weekend we just had! Friday was special for several reasons. First, Megan and Joe are just a delight. They’re genuine, honest and super easy to talk to. We just had the best time getting to know them a bit and shooting for them over the last few years.

So now is probably the time when we share a personal story. At the end of the wedding Megan and Joe told us that they had something for us. Then they actually left their reception to take us up to their room and pulled a “Happy Anniversary” cake out of their fridge. It quite literally brought Amy to tears and was one of the sweetest things we’ve ever experienced. The fact that these two would think about others (let alone us) on their biggest day just shows you how special they are. Also, the cake is fantastic and I’m eating it as a type this…. Yum! Enjoy a few photos…

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