Jim Heine

You know how good it feels when you make someone laugh? That’s what it’s like to be around Jim… all the time. Years before Jim was shooting for us, he was helping out wherever he could. He’s so hungry to learn, grow, and embrace new experiences and people. We’re completely honored to call him part of the HoffSquad and to have his amazing body of work be a part of our team. Jim captures emotion like almost no one else can. His laid back nature perfectly suits his documentary style. It’ll help you feel completely comfortable and allows him to make extraordinary images. You might never notice Jim while he’s shooting, but when you do, you’ll see a smile on his face.


I love visiting friends around the country, hanging out with my nephew, rock climbing, and pushing myself to live a more intentional life. My odometer gets quite a workout. I live in Baltimore and travel all over to shoot. My top priority while photographing is to create an atmosphere that allows for natural, non-forced moments so that you can just be yourself, be present, and enjoy your time. I want to support and help people be and see the best versions of themselves (both outwardly and inwardly). I also love animals, so don’t hesitate to include furry friends in your shoot!

Recent Work

We post all my recent weddings and shoots on our blog. Here’s a peek at some of my most recent work. To check out the last few years of work, click below.