We showed up to our first wedding in 2007 with 1 camera between us and no idea how to take wedding photos. Within a few years we had built a referral-based business that had us traveling around the world shooting weddings and teaching workshops. We realized that our industry often forgets about the most important thing: YOU. From the get go, we were always more fascinated about creating interesting and unique work that represented the people we were shooting for. Our goal is to have our favorite photo be your favorite photo. So we’ve dedicated ourselves to taking original images that show the real, genuine you. So whether you’re adventurous, goofy, nerdy or all of the above, we want to discover who you really are… and capture it in a way that you’d never expect.

We love to travel and eat and we base most major life decisions around those two things. We’re also big into fitness. Amy is a runner. Tony plays volleyball. We also love to cook, hike and go on drives with absolutely no destination in mind. Oh and we have two very good boys.

Our work has been featured around the world (The Guardian, HuffPost, Professional Photographer) and locally (Philadelphia Magazine, Main Line Today) among others. We have been listed in the Top 100 photographers in North America (SLR Lounge) and were labeled as some of the “best wedding photographers in the country” (Eastern magazine). 

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