The Playbook

Some tips for making the most of your wedding photography.


Here’s a timeline for when you can expect to hear from us. As always, feel free to reach out any time with questions, thoughts or just to say Hi!

Stress Relief

Do a First Look

Most of our weddings that don’t have a gap between the ceremony and reception do a first look. It’s a great way to have more time to shoot photos, take stress away from the day, have a private moment with your spouse and enjoy your whole reception… even cocktail hour. We love first looks!

Mind the Time

Snails. That’s what your guests and bridal party will move like at your wedding… and that’s fine! We want you to have all the time in the world to enjoy your day. So our best advice is just to plan accordingly. If you’re travelling, add plenty of extra time.

Be Yourself

A big part of our work depends on you. We thrive on the quirky, the unique,
the you. We’ll spend most of our time shooting the real you. So be yourself! Indulge your creative ideas. We love a new challenge!

The Gift of Trust

The best gift you can give us is your trust. This includes letting us shoot intimate, emotional or just awkward moments. We want you to love your photos and you never know when a great moment will arise. We promise we won’t show you the bad ones… unless they’re really funny.

Have a Blast

This is the most basic, but important tip we’ll give you. Your wedding is meant to be fun! All the planning is done and major disasters are rare. So, pop on a permanent smile and have a blast. A smile is the first, second and third best way to have great photos.

Beware of Checklists

A few weeks before the wedding we’ll reach out for a list of any must-have family photos. Besides that, we won’t be shooting from a checklist. We do this so that we can capture real moments and so you can enjoy your day. If you have any specific requests, let us know. Otherwise, we’ll be shooting the action!

The Details

Engagement Locations

We want your engagement session to show the real you. Choose somewhere fun or meaningful… Cliches are boring!

We shoot engagement sessions around sunset (or sunrise) and during the weekdays. Please schedule with some advance notice as our busy times fill up fast. You can bring more than one outfit if you’d like. Fun looks are apprecitated, but don’t feel like you need to bring props. You have each other!

Album Process

We’ll send an album design when we send your proofs. You can review it and leave comments online for changes. Once you get final approval, you’ll have it in a few weeks.

We ask you to please review the album ASAP. The sooner we get your approval, the sooner it reaches your hands. If you have any questions, Amy can guide you through it.

Boudoir Shoots

Amy and Lindsay shoot a limited number of boudoir sessions each year. They’re super empowering,  fun and rewarding (and a great gift). If you’re interested in a boudoir shoot, send us an email and we’ll get you some info and samples.

Search Blog Posts

We update our blog constantly and post all our weddings and engagements. You can use the ‘Search’ bar to find lots of older shoots and browse for ideas. Make sure to follow our blog and get to know us. We love stalkers.

Your Gallery

Your proofs are online for 1 year and are password-protected. You can order prints by clicking the ‘Buy’ button on any photo. Please feel free to share your proofs with your friends and family.

Back Up Your Photos

Your digital files are a prized posession, so please back them up and keep them safe! We’ll do our best to keep copies on hand for as long as we can, but please remember that you are in charge. Handle with care.

You can make prints from your digital files. If you need a print release, just let us know!