Lindsay Banecker


Studio Manager. 2nd Shooter

Our lives all changed for the better when Lindsay came into them. So did the lives of our clients. If you’ve ever been around creative people, then you already know why Lindsay is so important. Lindsay runs the show. She makes sure all our clients are getting their images as quickly as possible (very fast), keeping us on track behind-the-scenes and keeping up with our clients over email. We get so much great feedback from people about how easy and efficient things are and Lindsay gets the credit for that. Aside from running much of our day-to-day, Lindsay also 2nd shoots many weddings with Jim and Chris.

IN Lindsay's words

I live in Philly and spend a lot of my time (and money) going out with my friends in the city. When I’m not brunching (that’s a word right?) I’m Netflixing or podcasting or being the best darn dog-Godmother you’ve ever seen to the Hoffpups. Not many people can say they have their dream job but I am LITERALLY thankful everyday that I get to say I have mine. I’m still on the search for my dream man though, so if you know any eligible groomsmen…. ;)

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