Studio Manager. 2nd Shooter

Our lives all changed for the better when Lindsay came into them. So did the lives of our clients. If you’ve ever been around creative people, then you already know why Lindsay is so important. Lindsay runs the show. She makes sure all our clients are getting their images as quickly as possible (very fast), keeping us on track behind-the-scenes and keeping up with our clients over email. We get so much great feedback from people about how easy and efficient things are and Lindsay gets the credit for that. Aside from running much of our day-to-day, Lindsay also 2nd shoots many weddings with Jim and Chris.

In Lindsay’s Words.

I live in Philly and spend a lot of my time (and money) going out with my friends in the city. When I’m not brunching (that’s a word right?) I’m Netflixing or podcasting or being the best darn dog-Godmother you’ve ever seen to the Hoffpups. Not many people can say they have their dream job but I am LITERALLY thankful everyday that I get to say I have mine. I’m still on the search for my dream man though, so if you know any eligible groomsmen…. ;)

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Lindsay | Behind the Scenes

Lindsay is our ever-present force. Whether she’s behind-the-scenes, 2nd shooting for Jim and Chris or documenting our trips to Kenya, Lindsay is always around… usually with a smile on her face and a phone in her hand. She’s always ready for a selfie or a quick email reply

Lindsay’s Favorite Photos

Jamie & Leroy had a ketubah signing (Jewish marriage document) before their ceremony. It had been a hectic morning and when they finally had this quiet moment to themselves, Leroy was able to fully feel the significance of all. I saw Jamie starting to comfort Leroy and begin to get a little choked up herself, so I pulled back just enough to get them both in frame, but still stay close enough to eliminate the chaos around them and just get emotion of the moment.

As a 2nd shooter it’s important to get a different angle when both photographers are trying to capture the same moment. In the case of Dayna & Jason’s First Look, I knew that Chris would be getting a tighter shot of their faces from straight on, so I decided to take a wide shot. I was thrilled that the symmetry of the building and the timing of Dayna’s walk worked out so well.

Kate & Jon had an absolute blast at their reception and spent a lot of time with their guests on the dance floor. When I saw what Kate’s dress could do as she twirled around I got really excited and kept and eye out for an opportunity to capture it. As she moved around, her dress demanded it’s own space on the dance floor and her friends obliged and circled around her. I made sure to get low in order to get the grandness of the dress. This photo makes me smile because you can tell how much fun Kate is having.

It always feels good when you have an idea for a photo in your head well before any of the action has started and you actually get to execute it when the time comes. I had seen these windows before the reception started and thought about doing a silhouette at some point if possible. When it came time for speeches I saw that the best man was slowly getting closer to Liron & Shreyas as he talked and was able to capture each person in their own window pane.

This photo is another example of capturing a different angle while the main photographer (in this case its Jim!) is taking a completely different portrait at the same time. When Jim sat Hannah & Elliott next to this mirror we both went to town and didn’t need to give much direction at all because they were so happy and smiley the whole day.